One of the most frequently asked questions we get, deals with the strength of our aluminum bumpers and how they compare to steel bumpers. Everyone knows that an aluminum bumper provides a much lighter weight, added performance of their vehicle, and that it won’t rust, but is it strong enough to stand up against a run-in with a deer or with some crazy driver crashing into your vehicle? The answers are yes, and yes!

The front of your vehicle is loaded with features to maximize performance with proper alignment, braking, and suspension. An after-market front bumper is positioned around 24″ out in front of your performance components — that is leveraged weight — the kind of difference you would feel if you held 20 pounds at your side or straight out in front of you for an extended time. The performance components of your vehicle perform better if they are not loaded with excess weight.

The design that goes into our aluminum bumpers and the materials used are the critical components when comparing steel to aluminum. Many people forget the airplanes and space shuttles are made with light weight alloys — not steel — including fighter jets that land at full throttle on aircraft carriers. Aluminess Products has been in business for over 13 years now, and our engineers design bumpers specifying the correct combination of alloys, along with a design to provide maximum strength. For example, we use 5/16″ 6061-T6 aluminum for the structure areas of the Aluminess bumper, and we use 3/16″ 5052-H32 for cosmetics and the base part of the bumper.

There is an application where steel bumpers may be more advantageous; when you are involved in extreme rock crawling and want to support the weight of the vehicle on the corner of the bumper while you maneuver the rear over the boulders. This is great for a Jeep application, as the bumpers are smaller and the weight increase is minimal.

Our customers continue to testify to the Aluminess bumpers ability to withstand encounters with deer, elk, bear, roadway medians, and accident prone drivers! You can see their pictures and testimonies by visiting our Testimonials page!

Photo Gallery – Aluminess Bumpers vs. Mayhem