2011-2020 Nissan NV Aluminum Rear Bumper

Nissan NV Aluminum Rear Bumper 2011-2018   **Sensor holes can be drilled upon request. Products shown with available options. Boxes, lights, and accessories are not included in standard bumper price.

Nissan NV Product Description

The Nissan NV is the newest entry into the van market and owners are customizing interiors and outfitting their vans for camping and off-roading. As always, storage is at a premium. Aluminess has an aluminum rear bumper that solves this problem with dual swing-outs and multiple storage solutions to fit your needs. Whether you need to bring extra fuel, a generator, tools, or a variety of other things, your Aluminess rear bumper can carry it. You can even fit a full-size spare on a swing arm to ensure that you can get home safely in case you get a flat. Satisfy your off-road and outdoor desires with this light-weight aluminum bumper.


With Swing Arms


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Without Swing Arms


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Available Bumper Options

License Plate Light 

This light is required when purchasing a rear bumper that relocates your license plate


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Rigid Flush Mount Dually Flood Lights (Pair) 

The Rigid Industries D-Series LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. It produces extremely high output while consuming very little power. Its compact size and shape allow the D-Series LED Light to fit almost anywhere and be used for virtually any lighting application.


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Deluxe Box

If you have lots to carry, or bulky items then the deluxe box is for you. It is 30″ tall x 16″ deep by 24″ wide and is watertight. Many people will install a shelf (sold separately) to help organize storage


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Box Shelf

A box shelf is a great way to organize your belongings in your box. It can be hard mounted or removable depending on your needs


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Deluxe Box Tool Kit

This insert is designed to mount to the door of our deluxe box. It is a great way to organize tools! This kit includes the board, clips and a variety of tools!

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Product Specifications:

    • * 100 Pound Weight Limit On Standard Swing Arm
    • * 33″ Maximum Tire Size
  • *Light cut outs included in standard bumper configuration

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