The Overland Expo has once again come and gone, and with it, a full notepad with new ideas. It amazes us how the industry has grown so much over the last few years. With the growth in the industry comes new innovation.

Here at Aluminess we take pride in customer feedback and actually listen to ideas that are presented to us by our customers. We don’t get to use the products day in and day out to find out what can be improved so we rely on our customers to help us out. The Overland Expo is a great way to get all of these people together in one spot to discover these innovative ways to make our product better.

In past events we have seen customers come up with all sorts of ways of holding their swing arms open. Now install pin locks as a standard part of almost all of our rear bumpers. We even have an upgrade kit for those customers with older bumpers.

We saw all sorts of innovative ways to carry extra fuel. Our favorite so far has been Rotopax. They are slim enough to mount to the back of our deluxe and galley boxes which keeps them hidden and out of the way. They utilize space that would otherwise be empty without them.

This year we saw many more ways customers are using our products to improve their Overland Experience. We will take these ideas and implement them into future products in order to stay ahead of the curve.

The vendor booths are a great resource for new products and ways to spend your money. We have found that some of the neatest ideas come from the campground where customers are putting their products to use. Next time you make it to the Overland Expo I highly recommend that you spend a couple of hours wandering around the campground. You will likely find some great ideas and make some new friends.

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