We have teamed up with Truck Camper Magazine to help truck campers with storage solutions and bumper needs. Check out this interview we did with them. Stay tuned for more articles and features from our new partnership with this fine magazine!

Here’s a quick sneak peak of what you can expect from the article interview with Dave Hoskins, Owner/President of Aluminess Products, and Kenny Gorham, Product Designer, as they talk about how Aluminess came to be and how our bumpers have evolved:

TCM: How have Aluminess bumpers evolved over the years?

Dave: For the first few bumpers, we were sketching on napkins, cutting cardboard templates, taping the cardboard forms to vehicles as patterns, and then cutting and welding up the aluminum. Our process was crude back then, but the end product was good quality. Now we are using computer aided design with SolidWorks along with tooling and fixtures. Our techniques and materials are state of the art.

Over the years we have added roof racks, ladders, and other items. We evolved by adding additional products that cater to people who are traveling off-road and camping.

Much of our success comes from customers bringing us their challenges. We welcome that and enjoy coming up with solutions that improve our products. We have customers who push the envelope on how far they can get off the asphalt. They keep us on our toes.

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