The most useful feature of our rear bumpers is the ability to carry gear that you don’t want in your camper.  Some things just can’t be left at home when you are planning a long trip, but they take up valuable space in your camper.  Tire chains, tow straps, jumper cables, and tools are all items that can’t be left at home, but they are also items that you don’t want to sleep with.  Aluminess rear bumpers have proven to be essential for truck campers over the years to provide an outside storage area for all of these items.

But what if you have a camper that comes out past your bed?

Aluminess is rolling out camper extension kits to solve this very problem.  We teamed up with 4wheel Camper and developed a kit for the Tacomas to work with every one of their campers, each of which extend out past the bed.  This kit isn’t simply an extension bracket either.  It includes a filler trim piece to fill in all the gaps that are left by the bumper when it is spaced out.  The best part about this kit is it’s versatility.  If you take your camper off during the summer then you can take your extension pieces off and install your bumper back in it’s factory location and use your truck like normal.

We are starting to develop this same kit for many of our other rear bumper models.  We have prototypes done for the 03-Current Dodge Rams and we are in the engineering phase for the Ford Superduties.

Now almost any customer with a camper can add an Aluminess rear bumper for extra storage and oversized spare tires.

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