2003+ Chevy Express Van Roof Rack

Chevy Van Aluminess Roof Rack


**Products are shown with available build options; mounting style, rack style, flooring, and accessories.

**Roof racks and roof rack accessories may interfere with factory roof mounted satellite antennas. Antenna relocation may be required for full satellite radio functionality.

Chevy Van Product Description

Most people purchase vans so they can take lots of people and lots of gear without towing a U-haul trailer or bringing along a second car. What happens when you have too many friends? Where are you going to put all that gear? An Aluminess roof rack, of course! Whether you have the factory Chevy Express van or a Sportsmobile penthouse top (pop top), we have a rack that works for you.

Our aluminum roof rack is perfect for carrying cargo boxes, surf boards, or just lounging around and watching the world go by. Our gutter mount roof rack is available with two flooring options: perforated which is perfect for lawn chairs and walking around and slats which are great for tying down precious cargo. The standard length on the roof rack is from the rear of the van up to the back of the front doors. This gives ample storage space while keeping cargo behind your head and reducing noise.

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Available Roof Rack Options

Vent Cut Out


With many conversion vans coming equipped with vents/fans and A/C units, having a cutout for those accessories is key. We have the ability to make cutouts for any roof-mounted products you may have on your van.

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Telescoping Crossbar – Removable and Adjustable (Each)

Additional crossbar that can be used for tie down points or attaching Thule or other accessories. Removable for additional convenience.

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Raised Removable Crossbar (Each)

Additional crossbar that can be used for tie down points or attaching Thule or other accessories. Removable for additional convenience. This raised crossbar sits 3″ above your rack to clear AC’s and Vents. Crossbar is available in 60″ or 72″ lengths.

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Air Dam – Mounts to Double Loop Roof Rack

This air dam will help alleviate wind noise while providing a more aerodynamic look to your roof rack.

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Solar Panel Mount – Welded (Pair)

Choose this option to be able to mount a solar panel in a specified location on your rack (Gutter mount style only). Mounts sit flush with the top rail.

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Clamp On Boat Roller (Each)

Helps when pulling kayaks, surf boards, or other large items up onto your rack. 2 boat rollers are most common and will span a majority of back of your rack.

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Fiamma F45s Awning

Fiamma F45S. This is the 10-foot awning with 8-foot canvas. Black awning housing with a gray canvas. Must mount to our Roof Rack. Includes mounting brackets for application on the Aluminess rack.

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Clamp On Fiamma F45 Adapter Brackets

These clamp on awning brackets are designed to fit the top rail of our roof rack and the Fiamma F45s awning.

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LoadTamer Cargo Net

This 8 foot cargo net is great for securing cargo. Designed for the military, you will be able to confidently secure your loads for many years. Carabiners allow for quick and easy installation and the cinch rope tightens the net to your load with ease.

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This Roof Rack Is Designed For:

  • 2003-Current Chevy Express Van