Dodge Power Wagon Front Bumper 2010-2018

Dodge Power Wagon Front Bumper 2010-2018

All front winch bumpers now have vents and the Aluminess “A” Cut into the front.

Standard bumper configuration is round lights and 1.5” Brush Guard

Products shown with available options. Lights, shackles, receivers, and brush guard crossbars not included in standard bumper price.

Winch manufacturers are continually changing winch sizes and designs. Solenoid relocation will likely be required with this bumper.

Dodge Product Description

Power Wagons are one of the best built trucks on the market. With skid protection, upgraded suspension, and a built in winch there really isn’t much more that you need out of your truck. For those who want extra protection and great looks, Aluminess has designed a bumper to compliment all of your factory components. No need to relocate your winch or change suspension with this bumper. At only 75 pounds you will actually be saving some weight over your factory bumper, and you get the added protection that a bumper provides.


With Brush Guards

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Without Brush Guards

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Available Bumper Options

Baja Designs XL-R Sport Combo (White)

The XL-R Sport makes it easy to light up your world in style, with the perfect combination of affordability and performance. The XL-R Sport LED light utilizes our trademarked High Speed Spot reflectors providing for a longer beam pattern. The XL-R Sport provides the same top of the line performance and aesthetics you expect from BD in an affordable solution

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Brush Guards

Add Removable Crossbar to grill

This option is perfect for those of you who want to protect your front end from wildlife, and you are running a winch. The removable crossbar allows you to take the winch in and out of the storage compartment for service and installation.

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Bolt-on Accessories

Our Shackles are rated at 8.5 tons to ensure you can get out of the stickiest situations. We powdercoat them the same black as our bumpers so ensure a great look along with great functionality (other colors upon request and may have an additional charge) 

Shackles are sold in pairs.

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