Mercedes Sprinter Roof Rack for 2003-2006

Sprinter Roof Rack Voyager Style

**Products are shown with available build options; mounting style, rack style, flooring, and accessories.

Product Description

Most people purchase Vans so they can take lots of people and lots of gear without towing a U-haul trailer or bringing along a second car. What happens when you have too many friends? Where are you going to put all that gear? An Aluminess roof rack, of course! Whether you have the factory Sprinter van with a low roof or high roof, or Sportsmobile penthouse top(pop top), we have a rack that works for you.

Our aluminum roof rack is perfect for carrying cargo boxes, surf boards, or just lounging around and watching the world go by. It is available with various flooring options from tread plate, which is perfect for lawn chairs and walking around, to slats which are great for tying down precious cargo (like your wife’s shoes). The standard length on the roof rack is from the rear of the van up to the back of the front doors. This gives ample storage space while keeping cargo behind your head and reducing noise.

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Available Options

Mounting Style

Gutter Mount

Gutter mount for the factory ’03-’06 Sprinter Van.

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Penthouse Top

For the Sprinter Vans with a Penthouse top(pop top).

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Roof Rack Style

Double Loop

Also known as a baja style roof rack. This is the most common rack style with an aerodynamic look.

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Double Loop Open Front

Sleek looking rack, normally chosen by those who don’t want the off-road or baja look.

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Double Loop Open Back

Most commonly chosen by contractors for the ease of loading large items. Also used by people with kayaks or surf boards.

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Side Rails

Popular for the Sportsmobile Penthouse Tops. This roof rack offers a more symmetric look as opposed to the aerodynamic look of the double loop.

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Only available on the high roof Sprinter Van. This rack helps break up the bubble look of the tall tops with a stylish light bar in the front.

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Open Crossbars Only

Basic rack setup for customers that do not plan on standing on their roof rack.

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Standard Slats

3″ wide slats spaced 4″ apart. This is our most popular flooring style. Easy to walk around on and provides a multitude of tie down points.

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Tight Slats

3″ wide slats spaced 1″ apart. This flooring is easier to walk around on, but harder to tie down gear on.

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Diamond Tread

Solid diamond tread flooring for roof racks up to 12 ft. This flooring is popular for anyone using their rack for lawn chairs or tripods.

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Expanded Aluminum

Available only in 4×8 sheets. To cover entire floor, 2 sheets are required on standard roof rack. Lighter weight than diamond tread while offering many of the same benefits.

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This Product Is Designed For:

  • 2003-2006 Mercedes Sprinter Van