Adventurer Spotlight: Wilderness Vans Build

Aluminess ally: wilderness vans

Meet our partner Wilderness Vans and learn about our new Ford E-Series Bumper

Wilderness Vans specializes in converting vans into custom, adventure-ready homes on wheels. Known for their innovative designs and quality products, they cater to outdoor enthusiasts seeking to enhance their van life experience. With a focus on functionality and customer satisfaction, Wilderness Vans is a go-to brand for those looking to explore with the comforts of home.

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Illustration of a Ford E-Series front bumper with square light cutouts.

Evolution…it’s what it takes to not only survive, but to prosper & thrive. Here at Aluminess Products, we understand that as both trends and technology change we also must EVOLVE to continue to deliver the best products in the adventure van category. And that leads us to our most recent update of our 1992-2007 Ford E-Series front bumper.

Our original bumper was a game-changer, revered by E-Series enthusiasts worldwide for its robust, all-aluminum build that balanced strength and lightness, and its resilient black powder coat finish that laughed in the face of the elements. It boasted winch and shackle mounts for those sticky situations, and its light cutouts were perfect for the old-school round off-road lights—a true adventurer’s dream.

Since we introduced that product 20 years ago lighting technology has changed to the point where products half the size are performing multiple times better than their predecessors! Those improvements yielded solutions that caused us to go back to the drawing board. Our latest update has evolved from the “classic” 2-cutout design to a modern 4-cutout style, allowing you to customize your lighting setup for a much more mission-specific solution. NOW, instead of being stuck with one light temperature or beam pattern, Aluminess adventurers now have the freedom to customize their lighting arrangements using products that are widely available in today’s market.

“Choosing Aluminess for my front bumper was a total game-changer. Their expertise in aluminum means my bumper is lightweight yet incredibly durable, striking the perfect balance between protection and style. It’s more than just a bumper” – Wilderness Vans

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