Promaster Products

Promaster Bike Rack, Box Racks, and Tire Racks

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you like all the other companies. We took what has worked for all the other vans we’ve been building over the later 20 years and adapted it for the Promaster. So, you can have confidence in a product that’s been tried, tested and more importantly custom built for your Promaster van.

Dodge RAM Promaster with a rear door base mounting unit from Aluminess Products.
Box and Bike Rack Carrier - Promaster
Introducing our game-changing Rear Door Box and Bike Rack Carrier for your Promaster, designed to elevate your van's versatility and simplify your life....
Rear door view of an silver Dodge RAM Promaster highlighting Aluminess Rear Door Ladder.
Rear Door Ladder - Promaster
The roof of a van is always a great place to store the overlanding gear. The problem is how you get up there to strap everything down. Aluminess solves...
Rear door view highlighting Aluminess Tire Rack on the driver side rear door of a grey Dodge RAM Promaster van.
Driver Side Rear Box/Tire Rack - Promaster
Our Tire and Box Rack is an adaptable solution for your Promaster rear door storage. Whether you are looking to mount a box or need to relocate your oversized...

Promaster Roof Racks, Side Ladder, and Surf Pole

Transform your Promaster into the ultimate adventure vehicle with our premium-grade accessories. Don’t settle for an ordinary overland van – upgrade with our top-of-the-line accessories and Build Your Own Adventure.

Cruiser Modular Roof Rack - Promaster 2013+
The Cruiser Modular Roof Rack is ideal for the DIY overland adventurer. A modular roof rack system for your Promaster van that offers unparalleled versatility...
Weekender Roof Rack - Promaster
Most people purchase vans so they can take lots of people and lots of gear without towing a U-haul trailer or bringing along a second car. What happens...
Black Dodge RAM Promaster highlighting Aluminess Touring Roof Rack in the desert.
Touring Roof Rack - Promaster
The Touring Roof Rack is the ultimate companion for those who crave the open road. Designed specifically for epic cross-country road trips, this rack is...
Side Ladder - Promaster
When you have an Aluminess roof rack on your van it is a great place to store bulky things. The problem is getting up there to strap everything down. Aluminess...