As we’re all unwinding from our great Thanksgiving holiday, it’s time to roll out the incentive for the month of December. Wait! Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Actually, it’s probably just your cat knocking around their toy in the other room. Nonetheless, the most “wonderful time of the year” is official upon us, and we want to make it even more wonderful by offering some great incentives before turning that last page on our 2014 calendar.

We were going back and forth on what to offer for December and couldn’t come to a final decision, so why not offer multiple incentives? First on the incentive agenda, we want to sell out on all of our Overstock products that we have listed here on our website. This month we will take any reasonable offer on our Overstock! If there’s a product on that page you’ve been eyeballing for a while, this would be the time to make that final purchase decision and shoot us a reasonable offer.

Second on the incentive agenda, with the purchase of one of our Deluxe boxes, you can also receive a Box Shelf for free! To take advantage of this incentive, please provide the code below when placing your order with us:


Photo Gallery – Box Shelf