Our revolutionary bike lift, say goodbye to the overhead press

bike lift overview

AN Aluminess original DESIGN

The days of dead-lifting your bikes over your head onto a bike-tray are almost over. We are excited to have launched the world’s first bike lift for the overlanding market!

It has been a whirlwind at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and the feedback has been unanimous – this is an innovation that consumers have been waiting for.

Making loading and unloading easier and safer, we are also creating more space inside the van as there is no need to schlepp a stepstool or ladder along.

With our revolutionary Cyclone bike lift you can now easily and safely lower the bike trays to a comfortable height, load and unload the bikes, and easily move the tray up again.

But beyond bikes the possibilities will be endless. Imagine loading an outdoor kitchen on the Cyclone, or loading up your fly-fishing gear in a Roam Adventure case. 

To be released in the Spring of ’24 make sure to put your name on the waitlist to get regular updates. We will ensure that the Cyclone is compatible with all rear door racks, even with other manufacturers.