A DIY roof rack solution for those looking for flexibility and customization

At Aluminess, we take great pride in offering quality products that empower our customers to travel and explore confidently. With the adventure van segment expanding, the variety of options, upgrades, and additions has also increased significantly. Consequently, today’s “van-thusiast” has the liberty to customize their vehicle in countless ways. Therefore, Aluminess is committed to providing infinitely customizable solutions to meet these evolving needs.

We are excited to introduce the Cruiser Modular Roof Rack. This innovative product is designed to evolve with your van, supporting your chosen adventure platform – be it a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, or Ram Promaster. Our aim with the Cruiser Rack was to create a robust, yet lightweight roof rack. Importantly, it offers flexibility without committing you to a semi-permanent modification from the start. Now, adding AC units, vents, cargo boxes, or solar panels to your vehicle’s roof is hassle-free, without the need for a completely new setup.

How does it function? The engineering team at Aluminess has meticulously designed this rack. It features an air dam, crossbars, side rails, and floor panels, providing you the freedom to optimize your roof space. The air dam and side rails establish the rack’s structure, while the adjustable crossbars and floor panels cater to your specific needs, even as they evolve. The floor panels come in “Small” and “Long” sizes and include Aluminess’ FrontLoader system for easy accessory mounting.

Whether you’re transitioning your accessory setup from cycling to ski season, or undertaking significant upgrades like adding A/C and solar panels, the Aluminess Cruiser Modular Roof Rack is ready for the challenge. Create your ultimate adventure vehicle with the confidence that the Aluminess Cruiser will adapt to any adventure you envision!

Sprinter featuring Aluminess Cruiser Modular Roof Rack
Promaster featuring Aluminess Cruiser Modular Roof Rack
Transit featuring Aluminess Cruiser Modular Roof Rack

Cruiser Modular Roof Rack - Sprinter 2007+

Cruiser Modular Roof Rack - Promaster 2013+

Cruiser Modular Roof Rack - Transit 2015+

The Cruiser DIY Roof Rack is more than just a new product. It is a new part of the adventure we are sharing together. At Aluminess, we’re about fostering a community of explorers who dare to dream big and venture far.

We invite you to share your stories, your adventures, and your dreams with us. Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible and make every journey unforgettable.

Ready to transform your adventures? Discover more about the Cruiser DIY Roof Rack and join the Aluminess family today. Your next great adventure awaits.