PRP Seats Pricing Policy

In an effort to maintain the success and increase the profitability of our Authorized Dealers, PRP Seats will be changing it’s General Terms & Conditions Policy which includes a NEW MAP Policy.

Please check the General Terms & Conditions page for full details. You may email if you need any clarifications or have any concerns about our new policy. Keep in mind, we are committed to the long-term success of the PRP Seats brand and our Authorized Dealers who have helped us become the #1 aftermarket UTV seat company.


Read our complete General Terms & Conditions Policy here.
  1. Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) for all seats is now set at MSRP.
    • It has become apparent, with MAP at a discounted level, the potential margins for our Authorized Dealers is limited by 10% right away, effectively reducing your discount and potential profitability.
    • Add to that free shipping, which most retailers offer, and margins are further erroded.
    • We are committed to your success. We want to protect your investment of time and resources to stock PRP Seats and enable you to make higher margins.
  2. MAP will be reduced for seats and additional products during at least 4 promotional periods per year. 
    • With MAP on seats now at MSRP, fewer promotions will have more impact.
    • MAP reduction will occur for specific PRP Seats and Products during a pre-defined amount of time.
    • Products not listed for that promotional period MAY NOT be reduced below their MAP level. This will still result in a MAP violation.
    • The select promotional periods will be announced at least 14 days prior to the start of the promotion.
  3. PRP Seats will drop ship your orders for only $10.
    • While many companies do not offer drop ship services, we realize it is difficult to stock all of our items. Therefore, we will provide drop ship services to your customers for a small fee. As a service to those who have invested in stocking a reasonable quantity of PRP Seats products, the drop ship fee can be waived.
  4. PRP Seats will deliver!
    • You don’t have the time to make the rounds and pick up products for your orders. As a courtesy to our Authorized Dealers in Southern California, PRP Seats can deliver your orders totaling under $2,500 for only $20 to a 60-mile approximate radius (Palm Springs area excluded).
  5. PRP Seats does not determine, control, or influence the price at which dealers sell Products.
    • As always, PRP Seats does not establish maximum advertised prices or require specific prices to be advertised.
    • MAP does not apply to the actual price that a Product is sold in a retail location, over the telephone, or in a response to a consumer inquiry.
    • MAP does not apply to price tags or signs located within a physical retail store. Authorized Dealers are entirely free to set their own prices for Products.
    • Our MAP Policy only applies to advertised pricing and dealer initiated communications.
You can read our complete General Terms & Conditions Policy here.