'Share Your Adventure' Photo Contest | Aluminess

Share Your Adventure Photo Contest

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Aluminess side ladder, we will be holding an adventure related photo contest

To celebrate the huge milestone of the Aluminess Side Ladder’s 20th birthday, we will be holding the ‘Share Your Adventure’ Photo Contest, where the winner will receive a Surf Pole, a pair of Surf Hooks, and a set of Kanulock Tie Downs for their Sprinter van — a $725 value!

Photo Contest Rules:

  1. Photos must include an Aluminess Sprinter Side Ladder.
  2. Photos must be clear with good lighting; no excessive shadows, low light, etc.
  3. Photos cannot include exterior aftermarket products from other brands.
  4. Photos must be your own work! Do not claim other peoples’ photos as your own.
  5. Photos must be .PNG or .JPG format only. No RAW files!
  6. Up to 3 submissions per person. Choose wisely!
  7. Contest will be held between Sept. 18, 2023 to Oct. 18, 2023.

How to Enter to Win:

You can enter by uploading your photo using the form below, or you can enter via Instagram.

Enter via this Page:

  • Simply fill out the form below and upload your favorite photo(s) from your adventures with your Sprinter.
  • Be sure to upload your photo(s) in the highest resolution!

Enter via Instagram:

* This is a Sprinter related photo contest only. We will hold more contests in the future related to other vehicles and/or topics.

** The initial round of voting will happen internally — by the Aluminess staff — then we will post our 10 favorite photos to our Instagram page, where the public will get to vote for the winner.