We have been manufacturing aluminum bumpers for over 17 years. Over this time, we have proven that aluminum bumpers can be made durable based on the engineering design of the bumper and the aluminum alloy chosen for certain parts, while still being lighter than most steel bumpers. What we can tell you is that our bumpers have hit bear, deer, elk, k-rails, and more, and in every instance have protected the vehicle. Below are some testimonials to our aluminum bumper’s durability.

Aluminess Bumper vs BMWFrom Twitter:“Dear @aluminess, THANK YOU for the bumper that saved our road trip from being destroyed by a distracted driver. Guy driving a BMW dropped his phone and smashed into the back of our van! WE ARE OKAY! Shaken but okay. @aluminess bumper 1, BMW 0!”

FJ Hits TreeFrom Expedition Portal Forum: “I was running a trail with my younger son and we came across a tree that had fallen across the trail. Almost since I bought my FJ Cruiser I had run a heavy steel front bumper so with only a quick glance to see that the tree looked fairly weak & rotten I eased up and gave’er a push.

The truck snapped and went right out of the way and it was only as I was backing up that I remembered my recent change to the Aluminess front bumper. A quick limp out of the truck showed me not much more than a rub mark that came off easily and no tweak, bend or other sign that I had abused the aluminum at all.

Just goes to show that lightweight doesn’t mean weak!”

From Sportsmobile Forum:“I was cruising along CA36 on Front hit by dearTuesday evening and as I Dear Hitrounded a corner, doing about 60mph, an adult deer was standing in the opposite lane. I immediately let off on the accelerator and was going for the brake when it decided to get a closer look at the Aluminess bumper on the front of the rig.

I was probably doing 50mph when we made contact. All I felt was a small thud and then a very minor bump-bump as it went under. Bummer! I pulled over at the next safe spot and checked brake lines, etc. All was intact, albeit a little red.

I was glad to have the Aluminess bumper and the lifted rig as it might have impacted the radiator or worse.”

Car AccidentFrom Sportsmobile Forum: “WOW I just got hit!!!

Just look at my bumper! Here is the other car. Poor girl just moved into our neighborhood. [My van] was parked; I am at work so the pics are from my wife’s phone…

Thank you Dave at Aluminess!”

From Sportsmobile Forum: “Hit a bear last night. We were headed east on Hwy. 70 after dark and a bear comes charging out of the trees. I zigged and zagged while leaning on the brakes, but to no avail. Hit the bruin to the left of center with a pretty good jolt and then felt the thump as I ran over him. Wasn’t too big of a thump so I think it was probably a leg that went under the wheel. No one else on the road so I looked around (from inside the rig) and he (she?) had run (crawled?) off into the forest. I pulled ahead a hundred yards and got out to check the van and there was some bear dust and a small scuff on the powder coat. No dents or anything else. Really a bummer re the bear. At least we have tough bumpers. Aluminess bumper one, bear zero.”

SMB TestimonialFrom Sportsmobile Forum: “1 Deer + 1 SMB @ 60mph = just a bent license plate…

I love my Aluminess bumper! Only thing left to do is wash the bits and pieces out from under the Sporty”


From Expedition Portal Forum: “They are amazing folks and they produce top notch products. I first met Dave when we were designing our Sportsmobile. I wanted a full coverage rack to be mounted on the fixed fiberglass top. Even though they had never done this before, they took on the challenge of determining dimensions, angles, offsets and clearances. The end result was absolutely perfect! Dave is a genius with the right staff, equipment and know-how to get things done.”

From Expedition Portal Forum: “Dave and crew are top class people and they’ll drop basically anything to take care of you when you arrive un-announced. In my opinion they’re a great grass roots type business that listens to its customers and applies that to their products. They took care of us when we had our Sportsmobile and if there was any space left on our LC or AT they’d get our business as well. -Dave, Yoshi, and Dixie”

Happy Customers: “I was picking up my necessary supplies at the store when a young lady accidentally backed in my van. Unfortunately for her she hit the corner of my rear bumper. It severely damaged her Volvo v-70 wagon, which was new until then. Anyway, not a scratch on my bumper. She offered to exchange insurance information. I told it really was necessary since I really couldn’t tell where she hit me. Wish I had pictures of her car, but it wasn’t pretty”