• Light weight – The heavier weight of steel puts an additional load on your brakes, alignment and suspension meaning lost performance!
  • Doesn’t Rust – Aluminum does not rust and with our tough, attractive, powder coated finishing, your bumper, ladder, storage box or other Aluminess products will maintain their finish for years to come, even in salty and wet climates.

2012-2014 Toyota Tacoma Front Bumper     2008-2014 Ford Rear Bumper   2010-2014 Dodge Powerwagon Front Bumper

FJ Winch Bumper Overland Expo 2014 Overland Expo East
We are proud to confirm that we will be packing up our vans and traveling out east for the 2014 Overland Expo East in early October! As many of you overlanders may know...
Just a scratch Aluminum Bumpers vs Steel
One of the most frequently asked questions we get, deals with the strength of our aluminum bumpers and how they compare to steel bumpers. Are they strong enough to stand up against a run-in with a deer or with a driver crashing into your vehicle?