Mercedes Sprinter Modular Roof Rack

Standard rack configuration includes panels for full length rack with one vent opening.

Products shown with available options. Lights, solar panels, and other accessories are not included in standard rack price.

Track System/Rails required for installation.

Roof racks and roof rack accessories may interfere with factory roof mounted satellite antennas. Antenna relocation may be required for full satellite radio functionality.

Sprinter Modular Roof Rack

With so many vent and AC combinations available on the Sprinter, one would think that custom roof racks are the only way to go. Not any more! Aluminess has developed a modular roof rack that works around the 2 standard vent locations in the 144WB and the 3 standard vent locations in the 170WB. The roof rack even works with the factory AC! The standard kit includes panels for 1 large or small vent. Additional vent kits can be purchased if your van has multiple vents. Want a full deck with no openings? Add the vent cover kit and now you have a full solid floor!

Modular Roof Rack Installation

Modular Roof Rack 144 HR Vent Placements

Modular Roof Rack 170 RB Vent Placements

144 High Roof Wheel Base


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170 Wheel Base Regular Body


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Patent Pending

This product ships free!

Available Rack Options

Additional Vent Panel Kit
Add one of these for each additional vent you need for your rack.


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Vent Cover Kit
Order one of these if you want to cover the included vent opening and make a full continuous deck with no openings.


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AC Panel Kit
Order one of these if have the factory AC unit installed.


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Product Specifications:

  • * 200 Pound Weight Limit Per Panel

  • * 600 Pound Total Weight Capacity

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