You love German engineering and the thought that goes into products. Form follows function to some level, but it still must look great! We are proud that everything we manufacture has been developed, engineered, prototyped, and tested in house. Almost everything is also manufactured right here in Santee, and we are the original inventors of lightweight. To this day we are exclusively manufacturing our products out of lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum. Now outfit your Sprinter for your next Overland adventure, whether it be driving to the beach to surf, a weekend getaway or an extended road-trip exploring nature’s wonders.

Roof Racks

Upgrade your overland adventures with our top-of-the-line aluminum roof rack!

Custom built to accommodate your van’s vent measurements from high-quality materials, our roof rack is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and securely store all your gear on top of your van. Its lightweight construction won’t weigh down your van, so you can maximize storage without sacrificing performance.

Don’t settle for a flimsy generic roof rack – our roof racks are custom built to fit your van and vent cutouts!

Weekender Roof Rack - Sprinter
Most people purchase vans so they can take lots of people and lots of gear without towing a U-haul trailer or bringing along a second car. What happens...
Touring Roof Rack - Sprinter
The Touring Roof Rack is the ultimate companion for those who crave the open road. Designed specifically for epic cross-country road trips, this rack is...

BackPACK & Accessories

Build your own adventure with our rear door BackPACK mounting system. Whether you’re planning on going biking, skiing, or just enjoying the great outdoors, our BackPACK mounting system has a solution for you.

BackPACK Rear Door Storage Kit - Sprinter 2019+ / VS30
This option includes the base unit which mounts to the van door as well as the mounting plate to carry accessories. (Accessories not included). You are...

Tire Racks & Box Racks

Nothings worse than getting a flat and having to crawl under your vehicle on uneven, muddy terrain.

Our tire racks make your spare tire accessible when you need it most. So you can avoid unsafe situations and get back on the road faster.

Bike Racks

We offer bike racks in two configurations. Horizontal mounted bike racks and Vertical mounted bike racks. We recommend using 1UP bike trays.

Our Horizontal mounted bike rack can be configured to mount a storage box.

Vertical Rear Door Bike Rack - Sprinter 2019+ / VS30
Introducing the Aluminess rear door passenger side bike rack for the 2019-2021 Sprinter. Are your bikes taking up room in your van? The new Aluminess bike...
Horizontal Rear Door Bike Rack - Sprinter, 2019+
Introducing the Aluminess Rear Door Bike Rack for the 2019-2021 Sprinter van. Are your bikes taking up room in your van? The new Aluminess bike rack solves...


Take your overland van to the next level with our high-quality aluminum bumper!

Designed to handle tough conditions, our bumper is winch compatible, giving you added functionality and the ability to easily recover from challenging situations.

Made from premium-grade aluminum, our bumper is durable and lightweight, allowing for optimal performance on any adventure. 

Front Winch Bumper - Sprinter, 2019+
All new for the 2019+ Sprinter, Aluminess re-designed and re-imagined the Front Winch Bumper from the ground up. With sleek lines and an aggressive brush...
Slimline Rear Bumper - Sprinter, 2019+
All new for the 2019 Sprinter, Aluminess re-designed and re-imagined the Slimline Rear Bumper from the ground up. The rear bumper now replaces the plastic...

Ladders & Surf Poles

Looking to take your surfing and paddleboarding adventures to the next level?

Our aluminum side ladders and surf poles are the perfect accessories for your overland van! Designed to securely transport your surfboards and paddleboards, our side ladders and surf poles are built to withstand even the toughest conditions.


Transform your overland van into the ultimate adventure vehicle with our premium-grade accessories. 

Don’t settle for an ordinary overland van – upgrade with our top-of-the-line accessories and experience the ultimate in off-road adventure!

Nerf Bars - Sprinter
Expedition vehicles can be tricky to get in and out of, especially if they are 4×4 and lifted. Our aluminum Nerf Bars for the Mercedes Sprinter van...
Hidden Winch Mount - Sprinter, 2019+
Introducing our Hidden Winch Mount for the 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter. The winch mount has been designed and tested for use with a 12,000-lb winch –...


Want some awesome gear but don’t want to break the bank? 

Check out our Overstock section and see if there’s anything to meet your needs.

Overstock - Roof Rack - Mercedes/Dodge 2007-2023 Sprinter; NOTE: w/ 144" Wheelbase; w/ Low Roof - DL, Perforated, Vent
$3,500.00 $2,800.00
Overstock - Roof Rack - Mercedes/Dodge 2007-2023 Sprinter; NOTE: w/ 144" Wheelbase; w/ Low Roof - Double Loop, Perforated Floor, Vent Cutout Double Loop/Perforated...